Induction Heating Corrugated furnace machine

Corrugated furnace machine

Corrugated furnace machine

1.Benefits of induction heating corrugated furnace machine

The latest induction heating for the suppression of the corrugated furnace increases the heated area of the furnace. It has a good heating effect on various pressure vessel heads, replacing the original heating method of oxygen acetylene. For traditional process, using gas burning, pressing with a roller, long time and low efficiency, it uses a lot of oxygen for traditional way, not economical at all. In contrast, the advantage of the induction heating process is to concentrate the energy at a point or a strip. It's more environment-friendly for using induction heating corrugated furnace machine, and the efficiency is improved and the cost is reduced after using our equipment.

2. Scope of application and general information of the product:
The corrugated furnace machine is the special machine used to process corrugated combustion chamber of the boiler. After improved continuously by our company with many years’ experience, the machine is easy to be operated with low failure rate and easy access to maintenance, and able to complete the manufacture and forming of the corrugated combustion chambers. We use Siemens IGBT and other well-known brand electric parts in our induction heating system.

3. Major technical parameters and specifications: (Overall dimensions are shown in the outline drawing of the machine) 
1.1  Production length                                                             1000~6000mm
1.2  Diameter of work piece                                                   400~2000mm
1.3  Depth of the processed corrugation                                 38~67mm
1.4  Sheet thickness of the work piece                                   8~32mm
1.5  Pitch of the corrugation                                                   adjustable




Corrugated furnace making machine
Corrugated furnace machine
Corrugated furnace forming machine

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