Corrugated furnace tube

Corrugated furnace tube
Corrugated furnace tube
  • 1.1 Production length 1000~6000mm
  • 1.2 Diameter of work piece 650-1700mm
  • 1.3 Depth of the processed corrugation 38-67mm
  • 1.4 Sheet thickness of the work piece 8-32mm
  • 1.5 Pitch of the corrugation adjustable
  • 1.6 Material:ASTM SA 516 Gr70, SA516 Gr60, SA304, SA316L...
  • 1.7 Welding seam inspection X ray. Materials, needed in the boiler manufacturing are as follows; Steel sheets; according to DIN 17155, (HI) St 35-45, (HII) St 41-50... Fire boxes of boilers are made in our factory, in accordance with boiler capacity, by hot forming process, as corrugated in whole lenght Fox-Morrison type...

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