Corrugated furnace
Key Words:Corrugated furnace Corrugated boiler furnace
Corrugated furnace has corrugations in their longitudinal sections, which are widely used both oil & gas boilers as well as other fire tube boilers. The elastic character of the corrugations absorbs the linear expansion of the tubes under the influence of heat,and the corrugations on the furnace has added a excess of strength over plain furnaces, engineer tested at least 25 percent.

Boiler smoke tube
Key Words:Boiler smoke tube corrugated smoke tube
Corrugated smoke tube is usually used together with corrugated furnace, they are the symbol of morden boilers, the efficiency of fire tube boiler could be greatly raized by using them, we could provide various of corrugated furnace & smoke tube according to your detail drawings.

Dished end
Key Words:Dished end Vessel closure Dished head Stainless steel dished end
Vessel dished ends are mostly used in storage or pressure vessels in industry. These ends, which in upright vessels are the bottom and the top, use less space than a hemisphere (which is the ideal form for pressure containments) while requiring only a slightly thicker wall.

Corrugated furnace making machine
Key Words:Corrugated furnace machine Corrugated furnace making machine Corrugated furnace forming machine Corrugated furnace manufacturing machine
The corrugated furnace making machine is the special machine used to process corrugated combustion chamber of the boiler. After improved continuously by our company with many years’ experience, the machine is easy to be operated with low failure rate and easy access to maintenance, and able to complete the manufacture and forming of the corrugated combustion chambers of common oil-burning burners.

Smoke tube machine
Key Words:Smoke tube machine
Smoke tube is an important part of the fire tube boiler, it's made with thread, then the smoke will run slowlly trought it, then leaves more heat inside the boiler to improve the boiler's heat efficiency, our smoke tube machine is simple and convenient to use, with very low cost.




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